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Full Circle Build for our friend Chad. Jagged X teamed up with Chad back in 2004 to build one of the first-ever custom Rhino's. Since then, Jagged X and Chad have built some crazy one-off custom builds, from Rhino's, RZR's, Rangers, to this Pro R! Take a look at the newest Jagged X Offroad build!

Exterior Excellence: A First Glance at Chad's Pro R.

The exterior of Chad's Polaris RZR Pro R is where rugged functionality meets sleek design. At first glance, it's evident that every modification has been meticulously chosen to enhance both performance and aesthetics. From the robust Polaris Winch and DRT Winch Bumper at the front to the Cage WRX Tire Carrier at the back, each addition serves a purpose. The ProLine Wrap gives it a distinctive look, while the Vision X Shocker Light Bar ensures clarity during nighttime adventures. The BFG 35” Tires paired with KMC Forged Wheels are ready to tackle any terrain, and the DRT Flairs add an extra layer of protection. It's clear that this isn't just any Pro R; it's a testament to what happens when passion for off-roading meets expert craftsmanship.

Redefining Comfort: Chad's Pro R Interior Upgrades

Stepping inside Chad's Polaris RZR Pro R, you're immediately greeted with a cockpit designed for both comfort and functionality. The Accumen Mirror Camera ensures clear rear views while recording the action up front, while the Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Stereo sets the mood for any ride. Communication is a breeze with the Rugged Radio and Intercom, securely mounted by ABF. The Viper Shifter adds a touch of style and ease, and the Moto Armor Door Bags provide convenient storage. Sink into the Triple X Seats, securely fastened by PRP Belts, and enjoy the ambiance set by the LED Strip Dome Light. The custom headliner adds a touch of luxury, and the strategically placed cut-off switch ensures safety. With an RPM Fuel Tank for extended rides and a Mac Air Pumper for those dusty trails, the interior of this Pro R is as impressive as its performance.

Elevate Your UTV!

Discover the finest selection of Polaris RZR Pro R parts and accessories to transform your ride. Whether you want to enhance aesthetics, boost performance, or upgrade safety, our curated collection has everything. Dive in and outfit your UTV to match your unique style and needs.

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