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Grandma’s New Ride: Customizing the Ultimate Polaris Ranger Northstar for Family Fun

For years, Mrs Schueler has always said, "I want my own UTV."

She has indicated that I somehow manage to "ruin" All my UTVs, or they are too loud or dirty, or... Well, you get the picture. So what do you do when the wife wants a UTV to tote the 5 Grandsons around in?

Enter "MAKI"!

The name is derived from the youngest of the Boys, who, before being 2 years old, could not quite achieve "Grandma" in his vocabulary. So Grandma affectionately became "MAKI". We don't know why, but heck, He was 2 so "MAKI" it is. The name stuck, so it's appropriate that his new Grandma wagon is "MAKI".

The 2022 Polaris Ranger Crew Northstar was the obvious choice

With its comfortable 6-passenger capability and all the bells and whistles, including heat, air conditioning, power windows, and ride command. To make this UTV stand out in a crowd, our friends at Thumper Fab hooked us up with their complete long travel suspension system, which is complimented with custom Z Bros Adjustable shocks. We added Thumper Fab frame stiffeners and billet steering tie rods in case Grandma wants to get froggy on the trails. The massive stance was completed with Valor beadlock wheels and Valor Alpha 35" tires.

Next, we upgraded the sound system thanks to Rockford Fosgate.

Our timing could not have been better considering that Rockford was releasing their new complete Audio Roof, which features completely integrated Subwoofers and loudspeakers inside and out. Along with color optix, led lighting and its own head unit Baby Shark never sounded so good. But no joke, this audio system is off the hook.

While the stock Azure Blue color on this Northstar was truly stunning..

It was no match for the wild graphics that Five18 designs came up with. The wrap brings the beast to life with wild, bright colors and, of course, the Jagged X Offroad logo proudly displayed. And why not match a huge Polaris cooler and .... a skateboard with the same awesome graphics.

Blades Custom Decking added an incredible interior package

Using 3M seadek on the door panels along with custom removable floor and bed mats. The material quiets the cab and makes the sound system even more impressive.

Dialing the Ranger in with DRT Motorsports

Next on the list - while the factory front bumper is quite beefy and useful, it does lack the style that this UTV commanded. Our friends at DRT Motorsports came to the rescue with their complete front and rear Polaris Ranger bumpers; these units fit perfectly and provide winch mounting capability for our Warn Winches at both ends. You never know when Grandma may get in over her head or possibly need to lend a rope to Grandpa when he runs out of talent.

Lights & Tint

Some lighting from KC HiLITES for the night rides and some window tint from AZ Pro Window Tint to top off the build.

We have a few more little upgrades to share with you in the near future, but be sure to look for this rig on the trails up north or cruising the kids to the hill in Glamis. If you have any questions about this build or any of our other products, please contact the shop and let us help you build your perfect ride!

Products We Used On MAKI


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  • Valor Offroad V08 Satin Black

  • KC HiLiTES Flex Era® 4 – 2-light System

  • Factor 55 ProLink XTV


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