UTV Stereo RZR® Ride Command Amplifier Harness – Turn On & Delay Regulated



Do you have a “turn on pop” or “amp that won’t stay on” or “amp that wont shut off”? Then you need this part because it regulates the voltage on the blue remote out wire to fix these common Ride Command Problems. The REGULATED Ride Command Harness is similar to the Standard Harness, only difference is the regulated remote output. Simply plug into AMP1, AMP2, or AMP3 then connect RCAs and Remote to your amplifier, its that easy!

Works on 2 and 4 seat Models

Factory Ride Command Plugs:

  • Factory Plug AMP1 is the front output, full range. Controlled by “front” on Ride Command
  • Factory Plug AMP2 the rear output, full range. Controlled by “rear” on Ride Command. *Tip! For Installs where you are installing a sub-woofer but do not have a sub control knob and you do not need a front to rear fader for the highs, you can use the rear output as a sub channel. Then by fading front to rear you have some control over the level of the sub-woofer. Fading to the front speakers produces less sub output, and fading to rear produces more sub output by lowering fronts.
  • Factory Plug AMP3 full range output. Not independently controlled by Ride Command, no on-screen adjustments. This is a good option for sub-woofer.


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