55A Power Pack System



Crank the tunes and never worry about dead batteries again! The industries first 55 amp Plug & Play power supply system designed for your UTV will keep your audio and lights going forever, seriously.

With this kit you can forget about dead batteries. Better yet, you can crank your stereo while charging your battery all at the same time. Simply plug into you Toyhauler or wall outlet, and enjoy. This is a 3 stage automatic charge/supply system monitors and adjusts voltage accordingly.

  • Stage 1- 14.4volts For amperage load of electronics (same as a stator or alternator)
  • Stage 2 – 12.6volts To charge battery until full (12.6 is fully charged battery)
  • Stage 3 – 0 volts Shuts off when battery is charged (will not over charge battery)



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