Tensor Tire Regulator 2 Tire



Taking lessons learned from Tensor’s race winning tires, we have created the ultimate A/T tire for UTV’s – the Regulator 2.
Long lasting tread life that the original Regulator was known for. Now with improved weight and performance characteristics, make this the premier all-terrain UTV tire.

SKU: RR301014AT


  • Proprietary nylon bias ply carcass with nylon belts results in improved ride dynamics and performance while off-road while saving weight compared to steel belted construction tires.
  • Decreased weight unleashes all available horsepower from your machine
  • Variable, all-terrain tread design delivers responsive and predictable acceleration, steering, and braking with a smooth and quiet ride
  • 18/32in tread depth ensures long lasting performance for performance focused UTV owners
  • Unique ribbed upper sidewall design for increased puncture resistance in susceptible areas

Size | Max Tire Load | Weight    

28x10x14 | 1200 lbs. @   14psi | coming soon

30x10x14 | 1200 lbs. @ 14psi | 33.1 lbs.

30x10x15 | 1200 lbs. @ 14psi | 32.9 lbs.

32x10x15 | 1200 lbs. @ 14psi | 35.9 lbs.

33x10x15 | 1200 lbs. @ 14psi | 38.6 lbs.

35x10x15 | 1200 lbs. @  14psi |

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30x10x14, 30x10x15, 32x10x15, 33x10x15, 35x10x15


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