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Race Rack and Pinion for Turbo S and RS1, This rack can not be used with stock tie rods. You must run an aftermarket set that uses 5/8 Rod Ends on each end. This race rack is designed for RACING. Race parts will wear out eventually and need to be rebuilt from time to time. Race parts have no warranty

After racing a “stock” rack and pinion in our shop XP Turbo with 32″ tires we just didn’t see any reason to change. We didn’t have any excessive wear or rattle in it even after 1500 race miles on the rack. But then, while leading our next race, BOOM, lost all steering and we were done! After a post race inspection we found that the factory rack had sheered in half right in the center of the splined rack gear allowing one half to shoot out the right and one half to shoot out the left side of the rack body.

No problem, we thought, just order an aftermarket replacement from anyone and it must be better right? Not so fast. The aftermarket replacements used rack gears that were barely .085 of an inch thicker at the same spot our rack had broken in two. Also, these racks spread the width of the tie rod pivots out as much as half of an inch. This is really bad. When you change the width of these pivot joints you add bump steer to your front end geometry. This means that as the suspension travels up and down the “Toe Setting” changes quite a bit toe in or toe out or both. This gives you nasty feed back in the steering wheel as you hit rocks or whoops which takes it’s toll on your arms and hands, of course but the real damage is to your front end joints, bushings, ball joints and bearings. The life of these parts are seriously cut short if your car has bump steer. Another major negative with bump steer is the car tries to constantly “hunt” for a direction to go. As the tires change Toe so does the direction of your car. When ever you hit a bump, whoop or jump and you hold the wheel straight, the car will search for a direction by shooting left or right on it’s own. This feeling is UN-nerving in a play car but down right dangerous in any race car. So our search continued for another rack and we found the only billet rack on the market. We bought it and loved the larger, square rack gear and custom tie rods but when we measured the width of the tie rod pivot points we found it was 1 1/2 inches too wide! This would create over 3 inches of bump steer? Wow, can’t run that. With no other choices of racks to buy we were forced to make our own Race rack and here is a list of the things we put into our Race rack that you won’t find in any other rack!

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Complete Shock Therapy Tie Rod kit with BSD Pin Kit (FOR SHOCK THERAPY RACK)

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Turbo S – 2 seat Fox, Turbo S – 4 seat Fox, Turbo S – 2 seat Velocity, Turbo S – 4 seat Velocity


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