Safe Sled



Safe Sled — Breakdown experiences revolutionized.

Providing revolutionary experience in the breakdowns of your UTV at an unexpected time. Safe Sled is an additional recovery option when needed.

In the event your UTV is damaged, Safe Sled can assist you in reaching your destination.

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  • Twelve built-in holes perfect for tie straps for use in sand, snow or dirt
  • Grooved bottom to slide easily though different terrain types
  • Curved ends to glide easily through terrain
  • Universal adapting bowl to fit most UTVs
  • Ultimately, we want the product to be the strongest and most durable in conditions such as sand, dirt or snow. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time researching and developing the Safe Sled. We used HDPE plastic, which is found to be the most durable material for off-road purposes, to stand against the pressure and load.

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