Stealth Tuned Low Profile Antenna for VHF


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The perfect antenna for your caravan or traveling with your offroad vehicle. The VHF Stealth is the small but powerful antenna. When riding with a group or a caravan within a few miles the powerful Stealth antenna will provide clear transmit and receive communications. When the ultimate transmit distance is required simply switch to our VHF-1/2W-SPR antenna.

Caution! Do not transmit on your radio without an antenna. When traveling or storing your vehicle most common practice is to remove the antenna. But forgetting to install your antenna and transmitting on your radio can cause damage. The VHF Stealth is the perfect Traveler! The super low profile Stealth fits in toyhaulers or other low clearance areas.

Small but powerful the VHF Stealth antenna will deliver clear communications.

Click here to view the VHF Stealth Antenna Data Sheet.

Note: This Non Ground Plane Stealth antenna was designed for applications where a metal ground plane (such as a steel or aluminum) is not available. This design makes it perfect for mounting on a roll bar, fabricated tab, and other similar mounts. It will also work well on non-metallic roofs such as plastic or fiberglass. NOT intended for ground plane applications such as a steel or aluminum roof.



  • Low Profile Only 3.25″ tall
  • Standard NMO mount
  • 150-158 MHz / 2 dB Gain

1 review for Stealth Tuned Low Profile Antenna for VHF

  1. Sebastian Krywult

    This antenna works great! Line of sight I was able to get 2-3 miles of clear audio both transmitting and recieving. If there’s a mountain in the way, I could still hear the other person transmitting, but they couldn’t hear me all that works. Overall, it works great! Way better than the knock off brands you’ll find for 1/3 of the price elsewhere.

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