Assault Industries Mas-223 Phoenix Axle RZR Pro R



Elevate Your RZR Pro R with Phoenix Axles

If you think you think you’ve experienced all your RZR Pro R has to offer, think again. Add Assault Industries’ MAS-223 Phoenix Axles to your rig to reach peak performance on those intense rides. Thanks to Assault Industries’ proprietary high-temp grease blend and race-ready axle construction, Phoenix Axles won’t fail.

  • Proprietary high-temp grease blend for unmatched performance
  • Incredibly high CV angles
  • 4340 chromoly steel construction
  • Increased shaft size
  • Proprietary Formula for Unmatched Performance

Assault Industries’ proprietary boot grease is important for making sure your machine works its best. Why? Running at high speeds or high articulation angles can cause ordinary grease to overheat. This can cause boot failure, CV failure, and even catastrophic axle failure. Sand racers, rock crawlers, and even trail riders can experience poor performance or even failure from the negative effects of lousy grease. Assault Industries’ Phoenix Axles are able to maintain performance thanks to their high-temperature grease.

  • High-temp grease prevents failure
  • Perfect for extreme applications like racing or rock crawling
  • Trust in Phoenix Axle Grease

Phoenix Axle grease is something you can rely on. They were tested up to 586.5°F—the hottest the lab could test them—without giving in. Compared to OEM grease—which starts breaking down at 365°F—there’s no competition. Open your machine all the way up knowing your Phoenix Axles are designed to handle the heat.

  • Easily outperforms OEM axle grease
  • Push your RZR harder for longer
  • CV Joints in Action

We made these CV joints as big as they can be, giving your axle the articulation it needs. If you’re driving over rocky ground with a lift kit or offset A-arms, these RZR Pro R axles allow you to have the smooth ride you want.

Bigger and Better

If you want a really good RZR Pro R axle, it needs to have a bigger shaft. The larger shaft, along with being made entirely of chromoly, ensures it can handle tough turns and moves that might harm other axles.



  • Proprietary high-temp grease blend perfect for aggressive riding
  • Reduced friction prevents heat buildup
  • Grease is virtually waterproof
  • High pressure tolerance for extreme rides
  • Resists temperatures greater than 586.4°F (308°C)
  • Heat-treated 4340 chromoly steel axle shafts
  • Operates at high CV angles
  • Field and lab tested for extreme strength and endurance
  • 3-year warranty

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