Shock Therapy Walker 2.5″ Two Piece Pre-Load Collar



So you are trying to raise the ride height on your RZR because it has settled a bit since you first bought it.  Or maybe you are installing your new spring kit for the weekend ride. You jack the car up and go to twist the pre-load collar in the rear down to raise your car a little and BOOM. It completely seized up on you. Not even the biggest pipe wrench in the tool box will break it loose. This is common. You’re not alone. You can cut the collar off with a cut off wheel but you can’t get a new one on without completely disassembling the shock to thread it on from the top. Ouch. Not any more. Shock Therapy has new TWO piece pre-load collars to cure your problem. Once you cut your seized collar off you can bolt these two piece, hard anodized collars on and your back in business without having to send the shock out to your favorite shock guy or deal with the dealer at all. Quick, easy and long lasting.

SKU: 412-000-02


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