Kinetic Recovery Rope



The Rhino USA Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is the safest and most efficient way to recover a stuck vehicle. Because it’s able to stretch and store 4x more energy than a tow strap, it provides a much smoother and safer recovery. Backed by a LIFETIME warranty and world-class customer service from a family-owned company, it’s worth every penny.



  • The Ultimate Recovery Tool, Better than a Tow Strap – The Rhino USA Kinetic Energy Rope is the ultimate recovery tool, superior to tow straps in every way. For starters, our kinetic energy rope stretches up to 30%, while tow-straps only stretch about 8%. This extra stretch allows for a much smoother “yank” on both the rescue and recovery vehicle. Not only is this smoother and more gentle, but it’s a lot safer as well.
  • Heavy Duty Storage Bag Included – What good is your recovery gear if you can’t find it when you need it most? That’s why we included a heavy-duty, high-quality zipper bag for FREE. There’s enough space to fit not only the recovery rope, but also some soft shackles, a hitch receiver, and a few other items.
  • Lifetime Warranty from a Family-Owned Company

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5/8" x 20'


Grey, Lime, Black


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