2″ x 20′ Ultimate Recovery Tow Strap



The perfect companion for your next adventure (or misadventure). We engineered the Ultimate Recovery Tow Strap with the highest quality standards. It features many upgrades and features not found in your typical, value-brand tow strap. With one of the highest break strengths in the industry, a protective extra layer of protection sewn in the eyelets, and a one-of-a-kind poly-silk blend, you won’t find anything else on the market that can compare. And of course, like all premium Rhino USA products, it comes with a LIFETIME warranty.



  • One of The Highest Break Strengths in the Industry – The Rhino USA Ultimate Recovery Tow Strap features one of the highest break strengths in the industry. The exact break strength depends on the thickness:
  • The 2” strap has a break strength of 20,024 lbs.
  • The 3” strap has a break strength of 31,518 lbs.
  • The 4” strap has a break strength of 40,320 lbs.
  • Made From a Unique Poly-Silk Blend – Every other tow strap on the market (that we’re aware of, anyway) uses 100% nylon. Our tow straps use a unique blend of poly-silk, which is advantageous because it allows the tow strap to stretch by about 8%. This improves durability, strength, and allows for a smoother recovery.
  • Attention to Detail – Rhino USA painstakingly took the time during the engineering of this product to improve upon an ordinary tow strap in every way. For starters, the stitching is of the highest quality possible. Secondly, there are no metal hooks. This is important because sometimes metal hooks can snap during a recovery and become deadly projectiles. We’ve also sewn extra padding into the eyelets to give the strap extra protection and toughness where it’s needed most. Our unique blend of poly-silk allows for a slight amount of stretching and further increases durability. We’ve improved upon a traditional tow strap in every conceivable way and created something tough enough to last a lifetime. That’s why we back it up with a true, honest, lifetime warranty!
  • Lifetime Warranty from a Family-Owned Company


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