KC HiLiTES Flex Era® 1 – Light Shield / Hard Cover – Amber



To run ambers, or not to run ambers? Snag a set of these snap-on FLEX ERA® 1 Amber Light Shields and take them with you so can run them when you need them most. When there are particles in the air, such as fog, dust, and snow, these Amber Shields will change the color of the light output of your FE1 lights to reflect less glare from the airborne particles back into your eyes – technical talk for being able to see mo’ betta in the most extreme conditions. Sold individually.

When Are Ambers Useful?
It all boils down to color temperature and wavelengths. White lights typically have a Kelvin color temperature of around 5000-5700K, where Amber lights range anywhere from 2500K to 4000K and appear more yellow/warmer. Higher color temperatures have shorter wavelength which will have more refraction from particles in the air such as dust, rain, snow, or fog. The Amber Shields create a light lower color temperature & longer wavelength light that will have less glare off of airborne particles. So, long story short? Just use these whenever you’re in the dust or anything similar.

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  • Amber for Increasing Visibility in Low-Visibility Conditions -Extra Protection for Extreme Conditions
  • Easy Install, Securely Clips Onto FE1 Lights
  • Constructed of a Hard Polycarbonate for Durability
  • Fits on all FLEX ERA®1 Lights

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .5 in


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