Assault Industries Mas-223 Phoenix Axle Polaris RZR Turbo R



Don’t Back Down from Extreme Conditions

When the sun’s high and the temps are hitting 110°, most riders will pack up and head back to camp. Nobody wants to risk their axles overheating. But you don’t have to back down! You’ve got Assault Industries’ MAS-223 Phoenix Axles installed on your Polaris RZR Turbo R. Assault’s innovative grease blend gives you impressive protection from high temperatures that could destroy your axles. Plus they’re bigger than stock and the CVs can handle high articulation angles.

  • Proprietary high-temp grease blend for unmatched performance
  • Incredibly high CV angles
  • 4340 chromoly steel construction
  • Increased shaft size
  • Unbeatable High-Temp Grease

Heat kills more axles than anything else. How? Running at high speeds or high articulation angles causes ordinary grease to break down. When the grease breaks down, friction tears your axles apart through boot failure, CV failure, or even catastrophic axle failures. These kinds of heat-related failures can happen to anyone, whether you’re racing on scorching hot dunes, climbing rock walls, or navigating complicated trails. Assault Industries’ Phoenix Axles use a premium high-temperature grease blend to give you unparalleled performance in the most extreme riding conditions.

  • High-temp grease prevents failure
  • Perfect for extreme applications like racing or rock crawling
  • Tested up to 586.4°F

These are the best axles you can get—period. How do we know? The’ve been tested! Assault’s industry-leading high-temp grease can withstand temperatures up to 586.4°F—as hot as the testing can get—without failure. That’s 61% hotter than OEM Polaris axle grease! (For reference, OEM gave out at just 365°F.) Thanks to Assault Industries’ innovative high-temp grease, these axles offer absolutely incredible performance. From hobby riders to professionals, there’s no better choice than Phoenix Axles for your RZR.

  • Easily outperforms OEM axle grease
  • Push your RZR harder for longer
  • Maximum Power Even at High Articulation Angles

If you’re looking for race-quality performance from an axle, don’t overlook the CV joints. Phoenix Axles’ beefy CV joints are made to deliver 100% power even at extreme articulation angles—all without overheating or binding. You can put these axles through hell and back without worrying about the state of your CV joints.

  • Race-quality performance
  • Higher articulation than OEM
  • Increased Axle Shaft Size

Besides offering industry-leading heat resistance, these Turbo R axles also give you matchless reliability. They’re built with end-to-end chromoly steel construction and heat treated for incredible strength. The shafts are larger than OEM, dominating factory axles’ performance through size alone! Boulders and logs won’t bend these axles out of shape. Premium grease, muscular axle shafts, and durable CV joints make Phoenix Axles the only choice for serious riders.

  • Heat-treated chromoly steel construction
  • Increased shaft size


  • Proprietary high-temp grease blend perfect for aggressive riding
  • Reduced friction prevents heat buildup
  • Grease is virtually waterproof
  • High pressure tolerance for extreme rides
  • Resists temperatures greater than 586.4°F (308°C)
  • Heat-treated 4340 chromoly steel axle shafts
  • Operates at high CV angles
  • Field and lab tested for extreme strength and endurance
  • 3-year warranty

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