1″ Speedstrap Weavable Recovery Strap


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This 1″ weavable recovery strap is rated at 7,000 lbs breaking strength. With its unique design, you create a loop at both ends by simply weaving it through itself for a metal-free recovery strap. Just wrap, weave and pull. When you’re done, unweave and store for next time. The unique construction is what gives the SuperStrap its strength. Rather than being sewn together, all the fibers are actually interwoven down the whole length of the strap. This allows the SuperStrap to pull up to 7,000lbs, while still being small enough size to fit under the seat or in a glove compartment. The weaveable design also means that you can wrap it around almost anything – No need to use metal shackles or tie a knots that will never come loose. Available in 25 feet and is most commonly used for UTV’s, ATV’s, and lightweight buggies.

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  • A quick, weavable recovery strap only 1″ wide
  • Rated at 7,000 Pounds Breaking Strength
  • For UTV’s, ATV’s, and lightweight Buggies
  • No knots or shackles needed

How it works

Wrap –  one end of the strap around an axle, through a shackle, or around any good tow point.

Weave – the end of the strap back through the interwoven loops that run throughout the length of the strap. You can also adjust the length of the strap this way if you want to make it shorter! We recommend at least 4-6 weaves for when pulling a vehicle. The more weaves you make, the better the pull strength!

Pull! – Give the strap a good tug to set the weave. The strap uses friction of the weave to create a non-slip grip. When recovering a vehicle, make sure to pull up all the slack before you start, then hit the gas and watch as this recovery strap does its work!

When your done, simply unweave the strap at both ends, and store it for next time!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

25 Feet

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