polaris launches the new xpedition

Our first impression on the Polaris Xpedition

As we all know, Polaris has been the leader in the Off-Road Side by Side industry for a long, long time.

Undeniably, the RZR was probably the most significant and revolutionary vehicle to come down the pipeline… maybe EVER? Whether you believe that or not, the fact remains that Polaris has continuously pushed the off-road industry with new model after new model, covering just about every corner of the off-road segment.

Well folks, it looks like they have done it again. Polaris launched yet another product line in their massive array of off-road vehicles. Polaris introduced us to the all-new Xpedition line of vehicles. They are designating the flagship model in this new lineup as an ADV. When we hear this,we are thinking “Adventure Vehicle”

polaris xpedition review

First Glance

At first glance you may say…Ranger with a camper shell? Or maybe General… with a camper shell? Either way you would be kinda right? We think more like- General, but on steroids… with a camper shell. First impressions are always just that. When you start drilling down you find a very new vehicle with a lot of very new and fresh ideas.

We will start by saying that we here at Jagged X Off Road have not seen this vehicle in person. We have only heard some backstage rumors about it. What we have been doing is trying to take in all the media that has been released and studying the specs to find out as much as we can about this new machine.

The intent here is to highlight some of the cool features that we see and then compare some of the specs to see how this new vehicle compares to the rest of the Polaris stable.

polaris xpedition xp
polaris xpedition adv

Polaris Xpedition Trim Differences

First like most of the Polaris off-road lineups, the Xpedition is offered in multiple configurations and trim levels.

From what we can tell the ADV is the upper end lineup and the one with the camper shell. The other configuration is the XP (a designation that is a constant in the Polaris product line ) Unfortunately XP seems to mean different things in different product lines. For the purpose of our article XP means the one without the camper.

Now, it looks like both the ADV and the XP come in both 4 door and 2 door models except the 4 door is actually being marketed as a 5-seater. This is cool because the General four-seater did not really lend itself to five passenger seating. The Ranger of course offers 6 passenger seating but the 3 seat bench in the front has never been conducive to long trail rides for full size adults.

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polaris xpedition roof rack

The Interior

It looks to us like the seating position and architecture is improved from the General and clearly more comfortable than a Ranger.

The vehicle is definitely targeting a customer who wants to be able to prepare for long trail rides or multi day excursions.

From what we can tell, the XP models (no camper shell) come equipped with a dumping cargo box much like the box on the General. While the ADV (with Camper Shell) is set up with what Polaris is calling Lock & Ride Max. It appears that the back of the rear seats fold forward and flat much like that of a modern SUV offering massive cargo space in the rear of the vehicle.

polaris xpedition on the trail

Polaris Xpedition Motor & Weight

Studying the specs the one thing that comes to our attention is the engine. Polaris is telling us that all the Xpedition models are equipped with a Gen 2 Pro Star motor producing 114 horsepower. This is a huge step up from the Ranger and a still a good upgrade from the previous Generals.

The extra power will definitely come in handy. With lots of space to load plenty of gear and a Curb weight for the 4 door Northstar ADV model tipping the scales at almost 3000 lbs, it's no lightweight player.

polaris xpedition fox qs3 podium shocks

Suspension on the Polaris Xpedition

The suspension looks very much to us like the setup offered on the General XP models but no way to tell for sure if there are any significant differences. All models look to be equipped with FOX QS3 podium shocks, front and rear sway bars and It looks like they all have turf mode transmissions.

Both the ADV and the XP models come in the typical three Polaris Trim levels Premium, Ultimate and NorthStar. All NorthStar editions of course feature Full HVAC systems with Zone and temp controls. Each trim level appears to give you a few more features and a bump up on the stereo system. Oddly enough the stereo systems are now offerings from JBL.

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polaris xpedition line up

It looks like Polars has done their homework when it comes to accessorizing this new line up. The Lock & Ride max system appears to have a gazillion different add ons and accessories. Separate accessory line ups for hunters, Mountain Bikers and Kayakers not to mention all the various storage and lighting options.

It looks like Polaris has put a great deal of thought into this new product line and we definitely can not wait to get our hands on one and put our Jagged X touch on it. We will be on the lookout for even more upgrades, parts and accessories to help you create your own Xpedition!

See you on the trail!

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