must have rugged r1 accessories

Must have Rugged R1 Accessories

Why you need the Rugged R1

This radio is the perfect all-around radio. It is super versatile; we love the fact that it works with all different types of bands/frequencies both analog and digital. That means there’s a great chance that this radio will talk to your buddies radio no matter what brand or type of radio they may have.

The R1 is not comparable to a M1 mounted in car with standard antenna, but where the R1 shines is that ‘extra radio’ for the person that is new to the group that doesn’t have a radio, or when someone stays at camp, but wants to have communication with the group.

Having an extra R1 around is never a bad idea - I bet it will get used more than it doesn’t! Plus, check out the feature list below!

Our favorite feature? Flashlight and Texting!

Rugged R1 Features

  • Works with all business analog radios and DMR Digital
  • Versatile Dual Band VHF/UHF
  • Crystal-clear digital DMR
  • Large easy-to-read LED Display
  • Easy-to-use, Intuitive Keypad and Interface
  • Text Messaging on digital channels
  • Dual monitor (listen to two channels at once)
  • Performance-tuned antenna
  • Charge-on-the-go USB cable included
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Powerful 5-Watt transmitter
  • Works with 2-Pin accessories
  • Built-in safety flashlight
  • 1 Touch FM Radio
  • Lockable controls
  • 1,024 Channel & 250 Zone capacity

Our Favorite R1 Accessories

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